6 Ways to Tell When Exercise Is Hurting You

We’ve all been conditioned to think that unless we “feel the burn” we’re not working hard enough when we exercise. However, there is a fine line between reaching that optimum fat burning zone and over doing it. Here are some tips to help you figure out when your exercise is hurting instead of helping you.

1. You feel pulling or popping.

This is not good! You want to feel a slow, fluid stretch and pulling should not be involved. If you feel or hear popping, this is also not a good thing. Stop what you are doing and slowly stretch while you cool down. This will help prevent any further injury. If you are in too much pain, you may need to seek some physical therapy to undo the damage.

2. You feel acute pain.

There is a big difference between “the burn” and physical pain. If you are seconds from crying out, or in actual real, physical pain, you are not doing the exercise correctly, or you are attempting to do too much. Stop, and once again, stretch out the problem area. If you are injured, seek help immediately.

3. Breathing is nearly impossible.

It’s one thing to breath hard after an exercise, it’s another to start gasping, or worse, vomiting. While this can be a normal reaction for someone that is not fit, it is not a good one. This means that you have overexerted yourself. Cool down properly and try to take nice deep breaths. It may take a few minutes to return to normal.

4. You feel dizzy or your heart feels like it is pounding out of your chest.

This is a sign that you have gone past the point of burning fat and entered your zone of “too much.” Start walking slowly and take deep breaths. If you are too dizzy to move, sit in a quiet spot but do not put your head between your knees. Have some water and drink it slowly. If your heart rate does not come down, you may need to get some help.

5. You cannot move the next day.

Being a little stiff and sore is one thing. Being crippled is another. While you’re not going to be able to go through your first few workouts without a little after workout soreness, you should not be in serious physical pain. This means that you did too much and took your muscles too far. Try soaking in a bath and avoid exercise for a day.

6. You have an actual injury.

This is the most obvious sign that you went too far. Whether it is a pulled muscle, or a broken bone, you need to make sure that you are not doing too much too soon. Work with a trainer to devise a safe workout plan that is built for you, not someone in peak physical condition. By being honest with yourself, you can train the right way and avoid injury.