Ways to Work Out from Home


Face it, with today’s hectic schedules; it is difficult enough to make time for the important stuff like laundry, meal making, grocery shopping and house cleaning. More and more common what little free time we have for exercise gets sidelined driving around getting our kids or our dry cleaning or what have you. By the time we have all of our day’s things done, it is way too late to do any of the things that you wanted to do like go on a jog or swim some laps at the pool.

And yet somehow it is not as impossible as we thought to get an excellent workout at home. Working out does not necessarily have to mean going out.

Stair workout

Do you know how many steps that there are in your home? You can exercise your heart and lungs just by leaving the hamper behind and taking a few extra trips up and down the stairs with your laundry. Remember to start your workout with a set of five or ten trips up and down to get warmed up, and don’t take those stairs too quickly either! Even if you don’t have many stairs in your house you can still get a great workout with just one! Just use the first step at the bottom of a stairway instead of buying a stair stepper. Put on your favorite workout CD and get started, start with you right foot and then switch back and forth, then repeat stepping up with one foot for a while and then the other. Add some variety to your workout too, go into a squat as you step up, or make a side step every few steps. And don’t forget your upper body during this! As you step up raise your arms up in front of you and then as you step down let them come to rest at your sides.

Pet Workout

Don’t like the idea of staring at the stairs during your workout? Let’s find some better scenery for you. Grab your iPod or a loved CD and take the dog for a walk. The dog will enjoy it and you’ll be benefitting from a good cardio workout. You should try to move to the rhythm of the music, and if you’re feeling especially brave or alone, sing along too, No dog? We can work around that too. You’ve finished eating and have cleaned up after the meal, don’t plop on the sofa, turn up the music and dance! The whole family can get in on the fun, and it will help boost your stamina as well! And this is no time for a slow dance, swing those arms around and lift your knees up to get the most from this fun workout!

It’s so easy to workout and home, why aren’t you doing it already? These are just two examples that you can implement – How many more can you come up with?